Pokemon Trainer -- 30 usd --

   -One character (fullbody)

   -One Pokemon (complicated characters may        be subject to additional charge)

   -Partial Background 

   -Some accessories (bags, electronics, ect)

---Add Ons---

   -Additional pokemon are 10usd each

   -Additional people are 10usd each

-- Custom Commissions --

References - 25usd

   - Front and back full body

   - (2) clothing chibis

   - Eyes and several objects

​   - Simple background

--Add ons--

   - Extra clothing chibis (5$ each)

   - Half turn full body (5$)

   - Complexity of character fee 

Characters: human, feral, or anthro

   15usd for first character

   +10usd for each additional)

Background: Pick size and detail

   5usd for partial (ex. pokemon trainer background style)

     +5usd for detailed (this goes beyond basic shapes, to smaller objects)

   10usd for full background (extends to the edges of the image)

     +5usd for detailed 

Art/ Line style:


       +3usd coloured lines


       +5 usd painted style 

Shading style: (does not apply for painted style)

   Flat colour

   +5usd for Flat shading

   +10usd for Flat/Cell shading and highlights

   +15usd for Extremely detailed shading

Most of my commissions are custom commissions! pick exactly what you want, how many characters, what art style, background style, and shading style. 


 I offer a variety of different commissions, all are listed here:

(prices are only for art that is digital, although art is requestable)

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