Submitting an order request:

♛ When submitting a request, I hold the right to refuse the request for any reason, be it that I am not comfortable producing it, I find the subject matter inappropriate/offensive, or for any other reason. 

♛ When ordering, please be clear and descriptive of your content you would like to be displayed, this gives me the best advantage into creating work for you.

♛ I reserve the right to add cost to a commission based on content, as outlined in Commission info, This includes graphic/sexual/adult content.

♛ I do not work with descriptions of characters, there must be imagery of your character for me to create it. This does not include design commissions or non-specific characters.

♛ I will not produce art with rape in it of any sort. 

Payment and Refunds:

♛ Unless specified, I require payment in full for all commissions.

♛  I take payments through Paypal and Interac E-Transfers ONLY.

♛ I cannot refund after the initial sketch is complete and approved. After that the only refunds I will provide are partial and only if the piece cannot be completed on my own part. Otherwise, if I am able to complete it, you will not be able to ask for a refund.

Commission Process: 

♛ After receiving payment, the commission process starts. Please understand that the time it takes to complete the commission needs to be negotiable. I aim to offer premium customer service, however, unreasonable demands put a stress on me and is reflected in rushed work. 

♛ I do not always update buyers with process images. If you would like to see your piece in progress, feel free to contact me.


♛ I reserve the right to sell copies of all of my commissions/art. If you wish to keep your commission from being remade and sold, there will be an additional fee. 

♛ I reserve the right to post/use all of my commissions/art. If you wish to keep your commission from my public gallery, social media, ect. there will be an additional fee. 

♛ If you are posting your commission anywhere, tag me in it.

♛ You may not change / alter / edit / sell / reproduce your commission without my permission. 


♛ I will not tolerate any harassment on any level. This will result in the termination of your commission without refund. ​​

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